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Vibrated ceramic floors – also with lightweight concrete

A tough, resilient floor or pavement is essential in an industrial or commercial environment. Köbau’s professional and efficient craftsmen will install a vibrated ceramic floor to fulfill your most stringent requirements. We are committed to quality.

Are there maximum load limits you must take into account? In cases where there is an upper limit to the permissible load per square meter, Köbau will install a vibrated floor with high-density, large-pore lightweight concrete that combines high load-bearing qualities with lightweight construction and extremely high resistance to pressure.

We’re happy laying floor tiles in any pattern desired, incl criss-cross, offset pattern, groutless joints or any other arrangements. Tiles not only provide a low maintenance, easy clean and easy to repair, non-allergic finish to floors, but also with its pleasing aesthetic appearance enjoys increasing popularity and are fast becoming the finish of choice for many applications throughout the industry.